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Coming Soon an Ultra Light, Quick Set-up Hex, Perfect for RV's ,Field-day, Expeditions

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I dont know if it is back magic or what but this thing sings.


There many Hex Beams out there, and the design has been proven. What the Bobber Hex Beam brings to the table is the mechanical design, and the simplicity. The Hub is the key, along with the mast rings, are all none conductive, which makes only the wires are the antenna. As of a matter of fact since there is no metal components the normal formal forthe length of wires for each elements were different then the normal lengths for other Hex Beams

Performance...There is something more to the Hex BEam than just the usual 3db or 4db over a dipole. I can only tell you that signal reports exceed anything I would expect. I am working stations DX with signal reports that are beyond a typical 2 element YAgi I know the software models indicate otherwise but if you talk to anyone that has a hex beam they all they say is the same..I worked Dx when my HEx beam was 6 Ft above the ground. ( Set this in a garbage pail!) THe beam is up 28 ft right now and working like a charm! I don't know for the fact but i believe there is something in the design causes better angle of radiation. If not that I don't know what. I had various antennas before like 6element quad to supporting 20 meters, of course this antenna was great but the delta difference between this Hex Beam and the 6 element is not far about as I thought.

Customer support I called the company at least a dozen times, actually talking-to a life person! All support was outstanding with actual people skills! Also called on Sundays, and talked to the staff

In summary great antenn, outstanding support , and the performance is beyond my expectations

I helped a friend put together a Bobber Hex beam and I was so impressed with the engineering that ordered one myself.

Many antenna kits I have used over the years have been simply a bunch pieces put together saving me the time of hunting around for the pieces myself. The Bobber Hex is engineered and made with precession, definitely NOT simply gathering parts for me.

Because I had a homemade Moxon, I decided to convert it into a hex. I talked to Bob, and he fabricated a hub and element connectors to match the fiberglass diameter that I already had.

I think this antenna out-performs what Bob has listed on his web site, but that is just a guess. It has excellent directionality with great forward gain.

The hard part was the initial tuning. I think having 2 other people would have been very helpful. The issue was fighting the tension not really the tuning.

My wife and I have been using the Bobber Hex as a portable beam when trailer camping. Because it is light weight the two of us can easily get this up in the air. We even messed up and let loose of a guy rope and watch the beam bounce on the ground. No issue, we just put it back up and secured ALL that guys!

I'm going to order another hub (and smaller diameter fiberglass spreaders) making an even lighter weight, strictly portable hex. That way I can keep the current one up in the air and move it to so it can be premaritally mounted.

Besides this being a great antenna, It would be a great beam for small lots or RVing (even weekend trips).

It would be a great Field Day antenna too. The safety factor of not needing the heavy towers would make it worth getting.

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A few Seconds to see Delta on Receive Windom vs Bobber Hexagonal antenna