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$ 28.50

Desk Name Plague with your call sign in Solid Oak 10-12 " x 5.5" Standard

Item : DskPlq Style 1, 2, 3

$ 32.50

Desk Name Plague with your call sign in Solid Oak 14-17" x 5.5" Oversized

Item : DskPlq Style 4


Style 1, Antenna 3, Font SantaMonica or Elighy, Stain EitherFinish

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Style 4 Only 2nd Art
Stain Color

Expect several days to complete your order. These have 7 coats of urethane which requries drying time.

"Default" : Style 1 : Font SantaMonica : Art ra-Antenna 3 **If not specified

Digital Art
Actual Art


This was the orginal, He as for two calls to be on it and told me to run with the design. The one on the right was the finished product.

This was a fun full custom item, I did it for 32.50 ------ If you have something special call me, We can work out details and price


ad5ez w5ama


Custom item, call me we will make it happen






We will do Art other than Stock Art

Email me your art for a qoute.

custom sign

n54z hall call sign
  Clubs and Special Uses

lark Ham Radio Club




Just a Special Order from

a Swap Meet

Not all work is for Ham's



Solid Surface

Solid Surface Purchase






Corian Call Plaque


Business Card Holders

Stain Color





Small Business Card Holders

Stain Color


bca hold

Business Card Holder (Pinion Picture, Oak Available)

Stain Color

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