Unique Art and Rewards

I just love art some day I may become a Artist

If you have never seen a CNC cut something, you will enjoy this video.
See how long it takes to figure out what is being cut. Video


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All Estimates are free

Bobber Hex Milling
Call Sign Plaque Sample Art View Fonts


Made in the USA

Click Plaque to View Plaque information


13 Inch Cut as a Plate



We Love our Crafting

Beside Ham Radio we love

to Provide Unique USA Crafted

Art and Gifts

14 by 28 inches

Lords Supper


Orginal Photo and the crafted 3d photo


Sorry I forgot to take good pictures of these two 3d Photos. These are just photos snapped with my cell phone when we are at FedEx.

All Order crafted to your Spec's. Please Email me
1. Type of wood or material you desire
2. Size of  Item
3. Shape of Item desired
4. Font and Text
5. What kind of graphic you would like, I will send you several for approval.
 or send me a picture of the graphic and we will let you know how well it can be cut.


The Lords Supper

Size of this item is Fairly Large 15 inch's by 24 inch's

This was a just for fun

Another picture of the Lord Supper

After we get this info we will send you a quote and a digital proof of the item.

We also do custom Models, DFX, Vectors and more. Please email me the image for a price quote



Sorry for all you Non-AHS Sandies but I love this one

$23.50 6 by 10 inch's / Any Text Any School, THS pays 100.00 more just because (kidding)

A good example of a Custom Cut for Amarillo High Stepper (Dance)

Stain is more in the Gold Tones, Graphic and Text Changed

Online graphics Library coming soon.

If you have a graphic or font you prefer, Most likely we can use it.
We have a few thousands graphics. Free estimates on ANY project

Custom Crafted gifts at the same cost as off the shelf.


Item 12" round with as many silhouette as you would desire (1) 18.50 <> + $2.00 for each image additional added.

the Pictures do not give crafts justice.


Your imagination is our limits

The Wine Glass's can be changed for Candles for a Unity Candle Ceremony
Champagne  set as Pictured $43.75 (One oak Base)
Or Unity Set : Includes 3 Candles in Crystal holders $58.70 (Right)
Unity Set plus the Champagne Glass's $65.70 (Both Sets)

The Couples Names are Behind the Crystal Champagne Glass's


(3) Candles in Oak $33.00 Any text $35.00 Front and back Text

Call for Qoute
Price varies based on  Design Time, size and wood

Back side of Wedding Gift $28.00 (Text on Front and Back)

Front Side of Wedding Gift $28.00 (text on both sides)

Why settle for Chinese made product.
We CRAFT custom American products.
Expect a very high quality unique product, at reasonable prices.

Custom Gift and Rewards
Why do the same old thing.
Send us the graphic we will use your graphic for product
Any Sport You choose text and graphic

Reasonable Prices on all products

Trophy Next to Aztec Calendar
Gift for Bible Study Teacher $15.00

$13.50 at this detail level

Clock / Moment not installed for Picture $65.00 and up.

11.5", We can cut Clocks up to 28"



Most Trophy 5.5 x 7 Wall hanging 12.75 /w base 15.75

Your graphic and text


High detail clock or plaque and milling please call for price details. This one is till under design. We still want to do a little more work on details. But it will be a very impressive piece. $60 and up depend on size, movement, and details



Trophy for Kids Sport team named "Rangers"

Cut in Acrylic $16.00-21.00



Proof (not used but just love it)

Final Design

I do a lot more than, Trophies but they are SO FUN

Just for Fun here is a You-Tube of the Trophy on the left

I love the Red Oak Color

I love the Red Oak Color

Proof for a Store Front Sign

Proof for Aries Den Sign



Sunday School gift ( $27.00) size is about 16 inch's tall (in solid oak)

We not are limited to these items or sports.
Any Image or text you supply, We can produce **

The Boy Scouts of America requested a plague for Meeting room (17" long) cost $37.00


Aztec Calendar 24" has over 220,000 cuts. Very Detailed Item

Caption reads "No one knows about that Day or Hour"

** Subject to approval before cutting we reserve the right to decline the project.

Items are produced on a CNC
Using Aspire, Mach3, Photo shop, Vector Art and other Software

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